What Is The Most Effective Lifestyle Change A Beta Male Can Make?

Chateau Heartiste

A lost boy desires a blessing of Chateau munificence,

What is the most effective thing a long time Beta male can do to introduce some ‘game’ into his life? I don’t mean things like pick up tips, do more of this, more of that… I mean lifestyle changes. Lift weights? Play on a highly competitive, high testosterone sport (e.g. Hockey)? Do endurance exercise? (I read somewhere runners are much more likely to get laid).

Your input is much appreciated.

Leaving aside for the duration of this thought exercise the sneaking suspicion that you are trolling, the answer to your question is “Game”. I’m not being facetious. You will get more alpha BANG for your beta bux by improving your charismatic presence than you will playing sports, running, grinding in the business world, or even lifting weights.

Game – aka learned charisma – is simply the most efficient and time-saving route…

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Text Game: When To Give Precisely One Fuck

Chateau Heartiste

ZFG (zero fucks given, otherwise known as aloofness & indifference, or outcome independence) is a fundamental principle of seduction that will rarely fail a man adhering to it. But there are those times during a courtship, infrequent but pregnant with suspenseful uncertainty, when a man would do well to give a girl a small token of his attainability, which is expressed with a fleeting affair with sincerity. In other words, you need to occasionally swap your shitlord for your lovelord. Reader Mr. Meaner demonstrates,

OT game post, but sort of related.

Text convo I had with a chick recently.

Her: You’ve made me so horny today. Can’t wait to see you again.

Her: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Yes, it is a full 8 inches.

Her: Lol. Are you sleeping with anybody else atm?

Me: Only your sister

Her: So no?

Me: Haha, why would you ask me…

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Naturals And Systematizers: More Alike Than Not

Chateau Heartiste

An anti-Game theme that occasionally surfaces in Dank Right blogs that lean towards the tradcon is the idea that learning successful methods and means to seduce women is somehow indicative of a *beep boop* sperg mentality which women hate, and that is why “Gamers” have trouble with women.

The premise is false along multiple fronts, but the major departure from reality is the belief that this tradcon caricature of PUAs, or the term I prefer, “self-improved casanovas”, is wholly alien to the natural born Naturals who “have a way with women”. This belief assumes the man who actively learns how to seduce women is an autistic reductionist, or a nerdy systematizer, who will never really get women because of his emotional limitations.

No doubt, Naturals work their magic with an intuitive gracefulness they have likely possessed since puberty, and maybe earlier. I’ve had the fortune to count a number…

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Game: For Romantic Success, And For Career Success

Chateau Heartiste

FB (Former Beta) has a nice personal story about his journey to Game (Learned Charisma),

Having started from an Omega level to now being a former Beta (I won’t call myself Alpha yet, but getting there), I completely agree with this Heartiste post.

(This blog is a great blessing to a lot of us. I started reading in 2008 or so…I posted for the first time this year, after having lost 100 lbs and an ugly wife since 2008).

Alpha: awareness with self forgetfulness. Lack of guilt, ease in all situations, fundamentally: lack of fear.

Both women and men respond positively to the Alpha.

The positive male response yields career success for the Alpha.

The positive female response to the Alpha yields romantic/sexual success with the ladies.

Realistically: you can control your approach to life, one moment at a time, one interaction at a time.

At 48: I am living…

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Your Daily Game: Unholy Mindfucks

Chateau Heartiste

Ported from the Chateau Twatter feed.

Physically backing away from a girl, slowly, while happily chatting her up is an unholy mindfuck that pays pickup dividends later. Pretty girls expect men/betas to be eager to get near them. Signaling that you aren’t eager for nearness cues girls that you aren’t like the typical beta male desperate for female intimacy, which in turn prompts girls to seek your validation.

Of course, you have to establish nearness at some point, but physical intimacy is far more powerful an effect on women when it’s wrested from you, or when it takes its sweet time announcing its presence.

This may sound like it contradicts the established Game principle of kino and rapid physical escalation during a seduction, but the details of execution matter. Your Physical Retreat (PR) is tactical in nature, and operates in concert with kino escalation. Example: You chat up a girl…

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A Girl’s Best Friend (It’s Not A Cat)

Chateau Heartiste

Reader IHTG passed along this photographic progress report of a girl who, presumably, improved herself from a flatbread plain jane 5 (PJ5) to a lordotically pleasing HB8 by hitting the squat rack and improving her posture, (and by discovering the allure of the come-hither smile).

I say “presumably” because I don’t know the provenance of this photo. It’s possible, though unlikely, that she got Brazilian butt implants. Also, photoshop, but I don’t see any telltale giveaways.

However, what she has done to her body by improving so dramatically its ability to arouse men is something I have seen happen to women who hit the squat rack for a couple of years. Yes, a commitment to the king of exercises — the squat — will, without exception and at any age, carve a better ass out of a woman. The squat is truly a girl’s best friend. I have yet to…

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What Do You Do When An Alpha Move Goes Wrong?

Chateau Heartiste

I post this gif clip with the knowledge that there’s a strong possibility it was staged. (h/t IHTG for passing it along) But, assuming for the sake of Game proficiency inculcation that it’s an authentic capture of a moment in time when an alpha move goes wrong, it’s a decent learning tool to educate aspiring womanizers in the fine art of saving face.

Explain how, if you were in an identical scenario, you would recover from this unexpected flirtation backfire.

This is serviceable Game, (until the busted finale). The “beta provider lure and alpha jokester takeaway” is a staple of fun&sexy flirty pickup. But, ya know, sometimes the actress goes off-script. When that happens, you’ve got to adjust on the fly. Alpha males are good at adjusting on the fly. Beta males aren’t; they mostly react with butthurt stupefaction when girls throw them a blue ball.

Expert level recovery from…

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