The Sex Stare

Chateau Heartiste

Try this. Next time you and a woman are walking toward each other, make eye contact and lock it in. Don’t glance away bashfully to return to the scene of the oracular crime. Don’t blink, wink, or unlink your pupils from hers. Dive into her vitreous orbs with a strong, unrelenting, remorseless stare. Not a psychostare. No, no, not like that. No deathbrow furrows or judgmental squints. No wide-open, twitchy, soul-sucking Manson gaze. No salacious leer. Just a confidently casually neutral stare of visual assessment, as if she were a sunset dipping below the ocean horizon, or an odd splotch of graffiti in an unlikely place.

One other thing. If you can hitch the tiniest hint of an approving smile to your stare, all the better.

You will notice something wonderful when you do this. No woman can resist returning your stare. She will relinquish her eyes to the noose…

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