Your Daily Game: The Seductive Potential Of Little Words

Chateau Heartiste

Certain combinations of speech are optimally attractive to women. Wit, conversational fluidity, and terseness are common elements in the kind of wordplay that women most adore in men. On that subject, reader Sorcerygod explores the confluence of body language with, well, actual language.

The body language IS worth taking a closer look at, but it would be even more interesting to hear the tone of his voice and the contents of his words.

Considering that Stratham is a grunting jock figure, he probably doesn’t match his voice with his stance.

Now *I* have a good voice. Low, deep, slow, amused, intelligent, full of witty remarks . . . And I’ve been told more than once I’m a “good talker.” Supposedly words don’t matter, it’s just the auditory qualities of the voice, and the body stance, but I believe that offering skilled talk, and interesting dialogue, is CRUCIAL to seduction…

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The Female Life Cycle Theory Of Game

Chateau Heartiste

Although the sexual nature of women never fundamentally changes, there do happen over the course of a lifetime environment- and age-conditioned… accommodations… to sexual market realities that subtly modify women’s romantic needs. As such, there are different schools of Game a man should know which are tailored to the life cycle stage a woman inhabits.

Helpfully generalizing, women go through three major romantic life cycles:

Passionate Love

This is the age — from teenager to mid-20s — when a woman is in her nubile prime. Physically and emotionally she is at her horniest, her most feminine, and, not coincidentally, her most discriminating. She’s on the prowl for an alpha male, and specifically for a charming jerkboy whose devil-may-care attitude speaks so forcefully to her deep desire to submit to a top tier man with limitless lover options.

Commitment Love

During this age window — late 20s to late 30s…

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