A Girl’s Best Friend (It’s Not A Cat)

Chateau Heartiste

Reader IHTG passed along this photographic progress report of a girl who, presumably, improved herself from a flatbread plain jane 5 (PJ5) to a lordotically pleasing HB8 by hitting the squat rack and improving her posture, (and by discovering the allure of the come-hither smile).

I say “presumably” because I don’t know the provenance of this photo. It’s possible, though unlikely, that she got Brazilian butt implants. Also, photoshop, but I don’t see any telltale giveaways.

However, what she has done to her body by improving so dramatically its ability to arouse men is something I have seen happen to women who hit the squat rack for a couple of years. Yes, a commitment to the king of exercises — the squat — will, without exception and at any age, carve a better ass out of a woman. The squat is truly a girl’s best friend. I have yet to…

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What Do You Do When An Alpha Move Goes Wrong?

Chateau Heartiste

I post this gif clip with the knowledge that there’s a strong possibility it was staged. (h/t IHTG for passing it along) But, assuming for the sake of Game proficiency inculcation that it’s an authentic capture of a moment in time when an alpha move goes wrong, it’s a decent learning tool to educate aspiring womanizers in the fine art of saving face.

Explain how, if you were in an identical scenario, you would recover from this unexpected flirtation backfire.

This is serviceable Game, (until the busted finale). The “beta provider lure and alpha jokester takeaway” is a staple of fun&sexy flirty pickup. But, ya know, sometimes the actress goes off-script. When that happens, you’ve got to adjust on the fly. Alpha males are good at adjusting on the fly. Beta males aren’t; they mostly react with butthurt stupefaction when girls throw them a blue ball.

Expert level recovery from…

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Moments Of Beta

Chateau Heartiste

A handsome couple – she: tall, easy on the eyes, he: older, shitlord face – walked by me and I overheard the following:

Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”

Him: “No, I don’t do that…blah blah”

He trailed off, but I heard enough to know that this man was a paper alpha, hidden beta.

Simple little beta male tells like that say so much. He got defensive. He fell into her frame. He made excuses/apologized for his behavior, with a very predictable reactive wince.

There are so many ways this man could’ve replied that projected an aura of irresistible charisma. It’s not that hard to be the alpha male women love. All you have to do is THINK DIFFERENT. Get out of that obsequious mental space where all that matters is appeasing your woman and “making it all right”. For instance,

Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”


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Comment Of The Week: A Declaration Of Cleavage

Chateau Heartiste

The Other Anonymous is our beeg COTW wiener with a thought experiment that illuminates the purpose of female shit tests, and how men should resp0nd to them.

A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation but your eyes are drawn to her barely contained cleavage.
She catches you checking out the goods – Then:
a) She smiles knowingly – and doesn’t shy away
b) She says “Take a picture – it’ll last longer!”
c) She quickly throws on a full length burka

Shit tests are not bitchiness. They are a female prerogative to affirm your replication value. She’s kicking your tires – probing you – squeezing your melons. Checking out your tits.

Nicely put. Shit tests are the female version of male ogling.

A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation and she starts…

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Bachelor Pad Seduction Props

Chateau Heartiste

Things I “accidentally” leave lying around and conspicuously displayed when she comes back to my place:

  • A photo of me and a hot ex.

You know the golden rule: Girls love guys who are loved by other girls. Be careful with this ploy, you’ll need total plausible deniability. If she suspects that you intentionally left an ex photo in full view for her to stumble across you’ll spend more time explaining yourself and less time adding a new photo to your collection. My advice is to have a few other photos of random scenes that don’t include your exes strewn haphazardly across your desk or coffee table (but make sure the ex pic is prominent so her eye will go there first), with a photo album nearby, so that it looks like you were in the middle of updating the album. Also, you’ll need a solid story for why you have an ex photo that…

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Create Your Identity To Attract More Women

Chateau Heartiste

Üntermenschlet Michael Cera once starred in a movie called Youth in Revolt. It wasn’t half-bad by the standards of his usual sackless oeuvre, but the best thing about the movie — a quasi-parody of indie flics disguised as a romcom — was its exploration of the Game concept of Identity Creation. In this way, the movie is actually a hidden gem of masculine awareness. Cera’s character is a hapless beta male with oneitis who creates an alter ego of himself as a suave, smooth-talking, slightly douchey badboy. The girl, naturally, falls for the new and improved Michael Shitlord.

Identity Creation is a big deal among the Game intelligentsia. That’s because it works. Crafting a recognizable, even mythological, persona and skillfully conveying it to women will provide a big passive boost to your charisma. All women — not just slutty bar skanks — love a dollop of drama and…

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