One Of The Most Powerful Female Attraction Triggers

Chateau Heartiste

Any guesses what it might be?

Basement Gollum: “Muscles!”


Basement Gollum: “Looks!”


Basement Gollum: “Facial symmetry!”

Ah nope.


The game maestros are, yet again, correct in their worldview. ♂SCIENCE♂ clearly confirms the field observation that women are instantly and romantically curious about a man who is in the company of other women, especially if those women aren’t fat bluehair feminists.

[Female preselection] solves a more important adaptive problem for females than for males—getting information about a potential partner. Because men are often initially concerned with the attractiveness of a partner, they can look at a female and instantly discern a fair bit of mate-relevant information. That’s often less the case for women. […]

Back in the 1970s, a pair of researchers conducted an experiment to examine the importance of having a physically attractive partner. Participants evaluated men who were either the boyfriend of…

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Where Are The Male Friends To Save-A-Beta?

Chateau Heartiste

A thought occurred as the detritus of yet another beta male’s shipwrecked soul bobbed along the CH surf.

Where are the male friends of these abject betas to slap some sense into them?

A man needs male friends. He needs them a hell of a lot more than he needs female friends (and almost as much as he needs female lovers), because the potential to receive honest and learned guidance through the rough patches of life only exists with the former. A female friend can be great company, and even useful as a pivot to meet other women for much sex, but when crisis looms — romantic or otherwise — she won’t be the one to steer the hapless man away from terrible, avoidable mistakes of judgment.

Take JohnnyTampon. What a loser, right? But it didn’t have to be this way for him. Was there not one man, one…

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Hot Tub Gine Machine

Chateau Heartiste

There’s a game skill for every situation. Benson explains how he navigated what could have been an awkward scene by assuming his prerogative as a man and LEADING his woman to a comfortable and relieved submission to his authority (and bats away her loaded shit test while he’s at it).

tl;dr: I avoided an awkward situation and had sex in a hot tub last night.

Last night I’m walking to the hot tub with a girl I’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks. As we get to the gate, I see two couples in the water. “Cool,” I say to myself, “I’ll introduce her to my neighbors, maybe offer them a beer.”

But we walk in and notice two things about them: they’re very young, probably still in high school, and they’re fooling around. So much for socializing.

We’re already there and I’m a little drunk besides; so there’s…

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Game Quickie: Expectations Of Commendation

Chateau Heartiste

The Game Quickie is a new series created with the flickering screen-addicted ADHD scatterbrain in mind. This is for those of you who don’t have the slow eye to make sweet sweet love to a longer game post.

When a girl — a stranger or a loose acquaintance or even a girlfriend — compliments you, the proper response is one infused with self-entitled expectation.

Corollary: the worst response is one which sounds like you think compliments from women are rare and therefore novel and exciting to your senses, or that any compliment from a girl deserves a compliment in kind from you.

So, let’s say a girl tells you that you have a good body (any compliment will do here). The wrong (read: beta) replies include:

An ebullient “Thanks!”

“Wow, you’re the first to tell me that!”

“Really? I’m flattered!”

“You’ve made my day.”

“And you have a good body…

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The Son Becomes The Satyr

Chateau Heartiste

How soon should you teach your sons well… the art of game?

Reader Sentient infers that establishing good Game habits in your son early in life will pay dividends later when there’s a lot more at stake.

when in doubt – just act. A bias towards action sets you up as alpha. Be dynamic.

There are two little boys – 3rd grade say. They both enjoy looking at the long blonde hair of little Sally. One boy pulls her hair (and probably tells her she is stupid). Which one is miles ahead of the other?

Fast forward to Freshman year in college… Both boys are there, looking at the shapely Jane at the bar. Which boy goes up to her? Who is miles ahead of the other by doing so?

When in doubt – be dynamic…

“A bias towards action.” In the realm of seduction, this is a good rule…

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Slutwalker, Meet Shitlord (tingles incoming)

Chateau Heartiste

Courtesy of Twatter account @MPCtxt, a video of an alpha shitlord crashing a slutwalk protest and provoking gina tingles in a narcissistic, emotionally volatile, BPD feminist, while her white knight manlet looks on impotently and limp-wristedly, wondering if there’s anything at the scene he can put up his ass.

YOU *finger point* WHORE 😆 😆

One of the YouGroove commenters summed it up thusly and verily:

Observations from the first few minutes I’ve seen this video.

– Alpha Body Language.
– Doesn’t Care if he sounds offensive.
– Based Hat + Sunglasses.
– Nice name, also.
– Defender of truth.

Random White-Knight:
– Manlet
– Body Paint
– Girl doesn’t allow him to slur Dean

– Cries because she is having a psychological battle between her feminist ideology and her biological desire to fuck Dean, the alpha Christian.


“I was excited for today to be a growing…

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Girls HATE HATE HATE Indecisive Men

Chateau Heartiste

An 18-year-old girl got fed up with her beta boyfriend’s self-pitying mewling and figuratively threw the razor blade at him and told him to finish the job.

According to prosecutors, Carter pressured her boyfriend to go through with suicide for almost a week before he carried out the act. She counseled him to overcome his fears; researched methods of committing suicide painlessly; and lied to police, his family and her friends about his whereabouts during the act itself and after, prosecutors said. […]

For more than a week in July 2014, Carter and Roy exchanged hundreds of messages in which Carter insisted that Roy would be better off dead.

“You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain,” she told him in one message. “It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die.”

Damn, who bitch this is? Lucifer’s?

According to prosecutors…

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