Women In Love Act Like Beta Males In Lust

Chateau Heartiste

The behavior of a woman in love bears striking similarities to the behavior of a beta male in lust. CH previously explored this theme in lurid detail, and recently reader bw7and invigorated the theme with his personal experiences dealing with girls desperately crushing on him.

Heartiste, There have been a few girls I am fucking right now….all of them are around 2 points below my SMV. But I am getting regular action so I ain’t complaining.

One thing I noticed is that these girls will act the same way beta males act with hot girls. They try to entertain me when I am not in the mood. Like literally trying to make me laugh, entertain, put in effort which you just don’t see the hot girls doing for you or these same girls doing for other guys.

I play the aloof alpha card. suits my personality as well and I…

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This One Weird Trick To Get Over Approach Anxiety

Chateau Heartiste

Despite the glib title, this is a serious post.

Men have problems approaching women for makelove and pieceinourtime. Ok, the men from the ice people races, mostly. This is a fact. There are theories why men find it so difficult to cold approach women and chat them up with the goal of bedroom hijinks, some of which might have predictive power. Finding the source of men’s approach anxiety would help motivated and aspiring womanizers figure out plans of attack to overcome the AA psychological hurdle.

(It is plausible that approach anxiety evolved from a reality of the distant EEA past when chatting up a strange woman in your tribe or a neighboring tribe could easily get you killed by her brother, father, lover, or the jealous cavebeta orbiter.)

Most pickup sites recommend immersion therapy: learn to love the crash and burn and the preemptive exit as you small talk your…

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A Cynic’s View Of Relationship Sex

Chateau Heartiste

There’s a sizable contingent of “red pillers” who believe that the male urge to have sex with a variety of women is, if you take their consternation at face value, unnatural. I never did get this line of attack against the degenerate poz. While I can’t fault the intention, the premise is based on a lie that feeds directly into feminist myth-making about the psychological sameness of the sexes.

This belief, and resulting admonition, that men are naturally monogamous and only desire poosy varietals when there’s something wrong with their mental state is not just wrong, it’s malignant, and will paradoxically cause a lot of men trouble within the confines of their monogamous relationships!

Reader superslaviswife echoes this CH sentiment and explains how the “cads are sickos” theory of the sexual market actually harms men’s ability to create and sustain monogamous relationships.

Something I do wonder about is the staleness…

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Chateau Heartiste

We come from the land of the sexless chode,
From the bedroom gloom where the sheets are cold.
The blueness of our balls will drive our ships to incel,
To fap to porn, whining and crying: Platonica, I am coming!
-led zeppelin

The platonic boyfriend. A fate that feels worse than death for the young man with level 99 horny ability.

We here at CH have discussed how to extricate oneself from entrapment in a platonic asexual hell, and how to avoid it when it looms. Now we need to delve into why some men can never seem to escape banishment to Platonica. Why does this anhedonic phenomena happen to some and not others.

Part of the reason stems from a corrupted, arrested development from a slow start in the dating market. A man’s ego will struggle to fully develop if his formative experiences with girls are missteps and rejections…

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Two Minds

Chateau Heartiste

Friend, you ask, “What do women want?” You are confused, and this hobbles your field effectiveness.

Listen closely.

Chick logic is unfathomable when you are in your teens, but now as a man in your twenties you have no excuse!


Chicks dig a challenge. Like men dig a bikini bridge.

It’s a mark of personal growth to occasionally reexamine your beliefs to affirm their validity. Why do chicks dig a challenge? Sociobiology gives us our answer.

Girls want men with power because such men have their pickings in women. These alpha males can have sex with many women and thus have opportunities to have many more children. Consequently, any sons they conceive will be blessed with their fathers’ genetic gifts, and these sons will grow up and, like their charming mofo dads, also have their pickings in girls.

The sexually successful son, in a state of nature…

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Reader Mailbag: The Reverse Shocker

Chateau Heartiste

Email #1

Reader Salta experiences sky rockets in flight… posterior delight.

In other news…
My gf was blowing me and she playfully suggested sticking her finger up my asshole; I obviously refused. Is this a subtle, subconscious shit test checking for effeminateness?

Is your girlfriend Asian? Waifus for some reason love SURPRIZE BUTTPLAY. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of Asian women know that the prostate is an erogenous zone and capable of being stimulated during sex, or because Asian women eagerly take any opportunity to fly their kink flag and throw off the Chinese finger cuffs of the modest model minority.

Regardless, your gf’s peripatetic pointer is less a (literal) shit test of your effeminacy than it is a palimpsest of her twisted libido. It’s also quite possible that she discovered the “technique” watching porn or, less benignly, she picked it up from a former lover. Don’t…

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