Open Letter To A Loser In Love

Chateau Heartiste

This is an open letter to a loser in love, a beta male who has become bitter about women through repeated romantic failure. You find yourself here, at the Chateau, seeking answers. I am your Prophet and because you are in the Flock I will share with you my field-tested wisdom.

I say this with no malice but you will not like it. But I am going to say it anyway because it is the truth and that’s what you’re looking for. You are projecting all of the characteristic traits of a LOSER. You want to associate with LOSERS for succor, because they don’t threaten the comforting bubble of your whiny persecution complex. You complain about your health, money, job, height, weight, datelessness. You complain that you’re being forced to dance like a monkey for girls. You look in the mirror and complain that you aren’t a Hollywood hunk, and…

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Wrong Name Game

Chateau Heartiste

There are essentially two ways available to a man to satisfy a woman’s strong compulsion — call it hypergamy — to relinquish her body and love to a higher status man who is more powerful, in any number of characteristics, than the men in his milieu against whom he competes for the attention of women.

  1. Raise the perception of his SMV. (SMV = sexual market value)
  2. Lower the woman’s perception of her own SMV.

Now, a man can raise how his SMV is perceived by women through objective and subjective means (both are effective, although a good argument can be made that the latter is more enticing as a seduction lure). He can, objectively, increase his mate value by, for example, becoming wealthy or fronting a band in a local club brimming with young cuties.

He can also increase his mate value by learning and acquiring the behavioral traits of…

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“To Be Fair” Game

Chateau Heartiste

I have a buddy who says his pickup game boils down to “fatten them up before the kill”. He means by this that he lowers girls’ defenses with stray, off-hand compliments and then, when they’re smiling and acting gracious and conciliatory toward him, he pulls a 180 utilizing a coy “except for” non sequitur and mildly rebukes something about the girl that she prides herself on. The key, he says, is the delivery; he makes it seem like his insults are never intentional. His whole game is essentially an extended-play version of the neg.

I was reminded of this by reader Chad Durbsley, who explains his “to be fair” game which sounds tactically similar to “fatten them up” game.

Update on “gay game”.

Although I’ve been using Internet dating less and less, it’s still worth putting a minute or 2 a day into it depending on where you live, and…

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Game Tactic: Wounded Warrior Peacocking

Chateau Heartiste

wounded warrior
bloodied and calm
a silent storyboard
to her heart embalmed

Reader Noel describes the reactions he got after he injured his hand.

2. observation. conversation starters. I don’t know if CH et al. would classify it under ‘peacocking’. I recently messed up my right hand bad [typing only with left] so had surgery, and now the hand is in a splint. People seem to gravitate to it naturally and start conversations [‘what happened?’] along with eliciting a lot of ‘poor you’ remarks and ‘get well!’ wishes. The handicap is real not apparent like peacocking, and obviously it doesn’t show some evo superiority…but it lubricates social intercourse! surprisingly people are thrown off when i give a non-straightforward answer….i don’t know if it’s my delivery or people in san francisco [where i am] lack a sense of humor….

Don’t underestimate the power of wounded warrior game (of which scar game

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Universal Truths Day

Chateau Heartiste

In keeping with the spirit of the first DC Truth Day, here is another installment of universal truths by which you can guide your life and deflect the sophistry of your foes.


The louder people protest and the quicker they resort to insults the closer you are to telling a truth they don’t like.

The angrier someone reacts to criticism, the more likely your criticism is accurate. Multiply anger factor by 10 for any criticism of a woman.

If you can afford to put yourself down you have value.

If you can brag without inspiring resentment or annoyance you don’t have value.

Every woman — and I mean EVERY woman — will cheat if enough conditions are met.

The minute you start spending money on a woman is the minute she starts to expect having money spent on her.

  • Corollary: If you spend on a woman like she’s a whore, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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International Truth Day

Chateau Heartiste

– people will only turn against an alpha male when he attacks a weak woman
– it is open season on weak men who do not know their place.  attacking them will raise your status.  defending them will lower it
– total honesty can only be accomplished anonymously
– sexually attractive people can get away with more.  and they will have more willing apologists excusing their actions
– when confronted with uncomfortable truths, most people will resort to the “cultural conditioning” argument. it is fear of the unchangeable that motivates them
– when a woman praises a man it is more often given with the goal of changing his behavior
– when a man praise a woman it is more often given with the goal of earning her sexual favor
– status is everything; nearly everything in life is best understood through the prism of status wars
– there is…

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International Truth Day, Second Edition

Chateau Heartiste

It’s time for a sequel to the original “International Truth Day“.

– the ugliness of the world is proven by the energy devoted to hiding that ugliness under mountains of platitudes and self-deluding hokum.

– i have yet to see an exception to the rule that fat men who lose weight promptly start dating thinner girls than they dated when they were fat.

– the specter of options, or lack thereof, is always haunting one’s choices, despite any assertions to the contrary.

– christie brinkley at 60 beats lindy west at 220.

– christie brinkley at 20 beats christie brinkley at 60, no matter how good 60-year-old christie “looks for her age”.

– eventually, money, or space, will run out. when either does, liberal pieties will vanish in a puff of smoke, as if they had never existed. don’t underestimate the flimsy nature of post-industrial morality.

– female…

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