The Rubicock

Chateau Heartiste

Today CH will introduce you to the theory of the Rubicock. What is the Rubicock? Reader PWN explains it well.

lol, if you want a girl that didn’t sleep around, you must be either her first boyfriend or her second boyfriend. After that, the dam breaks and it might as well be 45 men. There are plenty of girls who hold out, some guy pops their cherry and by the next year they fucked two dozen men.

Ain’t that the truth. So many women, after having drunk enough truth serum, will eventually confess to “wild times” in their lives, when they went cock crazy, usually after a break-up or, as PWN notes, after a long dry spell followed by a drought-busting dicking. Once the chaste girl’s sugar walls are chafed by her third ride on the cock carousel, all her self-control flies out the window. She’s primed for regularly scheduled…

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Rapport And Comfort Are Fine, But You Need More Than That To Attract Girls

Chateau Heartiste

The previous discussion about ego validation run rampant among Western women and how that changed reality affects the art of seduction generated some fantastically useful comments. Of particular note were the commenters who pointed out that a lot of novices get tripped up stressing the rapport and comfort aspects of pickup to the detriment of the edgier, jerkier realm of game. (And no surprise, either, as most beta males are terrorized by the thought of “acting up”.)

As usual, YaReally, replying to another commenter, provided insight coupled with foundational game principles to help clear up confusion.

““how tall are you?” they usually reply below 5’5″—to which I reply: “I can pick you up like a kitten” which always gets them curious about that imagery.”

This is good. But if you wanted to supercharge it, throw in disqualifiers to add that emotional rollercoaster ride:

“How tall are you?”

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Game In The Ego Validation Age

Chateau Heartiste

How do you game a girl who has received twenty solicitations for sex and fifty compliments on her beauty all before 11AM? This is the problem that men face in the electronic ego validation age, when Tinder and Facebook and sundry dating websites serve as mediums for the uninterrupted fluffing, however superficial, of the tumescent self-perceptions of every halfway bangable girl with an internet connection or a mobile data plan.

This is no minor obstacle to love and romance. The ego is the enemy of intimacy, and female egos that have been inflated to the bursting point are a neural (and neurotic) bunker between you and a girl’s heart. Evidence of this mass female ego inflation comes directly from men’s testimonials and indirectly from data showing trends in how couples meet.

Every inception source of romance is down over the past 70 years except for bars and online. What happens…

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Consolation Game

Chateau Heartiste

When women vent, something they do with alacrity and disinhibition, men of all kinds are frequently and amusingly caught off-guard. It’s a wonder, given the natural urge of women to routinely weep for their lonely souls and their otherworldly problems, why so many men are inept in the art of consoling women.

I’ve seen alpha males tongue-tied off the shoulder of a crying HB. I’ve watched smooth players wither into puling beta males listening to a cute chick quake. All those moments to make her feel special, lost in time… like tingles pre-vow.

Consolation Game is a minor adjunct to the Game oeuvre, but it has outsized importance, mostly because so few men know how to properly execute it. It’s very simple.

SELF-PITYING PRINCESS: oh whoa is me, whoa is me yada yada mada yada yada fada welcome to camp grenada…


There ya go…

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Dick Pic Game

Chateau Heartiste

Reader W.E.K. takes a page from a gilded CH tome to harness the muff misting magic of the dick emoji.


An interesting anecdotal aside to the 8======D—- guy.

I have worked as a doorman/bouncer in some highly popular bars/nightclubs in my area.

One time I was working the door sitting on a stool when out comes a quite attractive brunette from inside the bar. She sits on an adjacent stool for a few moments but I really wasn’t paying much attention as I was trying to text my then gf at the time and manage her fragile/needy emotional state because she had fallen quite hard for me and at this point was freaking out whenever I went to work and thus was surrounded by lots of young attractive women. Regardless of the fact that I met her at another bar I worked at.

Anyway back to the brunette on…

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Why Are Some Beta Males Bitter About Women?

Chateau Heartiste

They weren’t born that way, they were made that way, by repeated failure with women in the sexual marketplace. Their romantic failure is a consequence of their inexperience, lack of game, and their poor understanding of female sexual nature, each reinforcing the other in a feedback loop of infinite incel, until marriage at 33 to a dumpy hausfrau (and they are legion).

But there’s another, even crueler and more invidious, reason why beta males become bitter about women:

Women treat beta males worse for no reason other than that they aren’t alpha males!

As we learned from yesterday’s post, a study has found that women who are rejected by an alpha male experience a surge of bitterness and bad feelings that they then dump onto any beta males unlucky enough to be next in line for the faire maidens’ hands.

Now, a question for the tough…

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When Men And Women Can Be Friends

Chateau Heartiste

Over at Alias Clio, a blog I occasionally read, I posted the following comment on a thread about niceguys and their eternal torment trapped in the LJBF zone:

…no man wants to be a cute girl’s emotional tampon. fulfilling her emotional needs while having his physical needs denied is a one way street to bitterness. women with real sympathy for men’s sexual needs would not put a lovelorn niceguy through the anguishing ringer of platonic friendship. but most women (and men) don’t possess that kind of empathy and selflessness for the opposite sex. women simply get too much benefit from having what pickup artists call “orbiters” feeding their egos by doting on them and listening to them drone about their badboy BFs without having to put out.

male-female friendships only work when neither are physically attracted to the other, and they *partially* work when 1) the woman is attracted to the man…

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