Learn To Touch Women Sooner Rather Than Later

Chateau Heartiste

A field report from reader Sentient nicely illustrates the importance of a fundamental game concept: kino.

From a sporting event…

Lots of outside bars in tents etc. Lots of women milling about, lots of drinking. Was with a white knight buddy. great guy but white knight to the core – even though he is pretty alpha in a lot of ways.

White knights span the male SMV spectrum, from sniveling sidekick-hopeful omega to brawling bodyguard-for-hire alpha, although most of them bunch up in the back-middle of the SMV geld curve, where lesser beta males dominate.

They all share one thing in common: Toolbaggery.

So I am in a good mood, but have to keep flirtation on a low boil with him around babysitting me. some flirting with women, at one point I am laughing and joking with a 7 and I put my arm on her bare shoulder. she is…

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The Throat Clearing Opener

Chateau Heartiste

Reader duderino stumbles upon an excellent jerkboy opener.

I was standing behind a hot girl at the grocery store a while back. She was fit and wore tight yoga pants. She was waffling over which sugar free energy drink to buy. I’d pulled an all nighter studying, and was beginning to feel sick. I unintentionally cleared my throat in a way that made it sound like I was telling her to gtfo of my way. She started apologizing and sheepishly grinned as I grabbed whatever had the most caffeine. I was barraged with questions about which drink was best and how she wanted something to give her energy without getting fat. Throat clearing must be an underrated opener.

I was too grumpy and caught off guard to follow through. I’ve been gaining muscle lately and aren’t used to cute girls opening me. Anyone with experience talking to girls at grocery…

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So You Want To Be A Badboy

Chateau Heartiste

Here is a partial list of behaviors that badboys do around their women.

  • A badboy will occasionally tell his girl to “fuck off”, “shut up”, or “shut the fuck up”, sometimes even when she deserves it.
  • When his girl tells an unfunny joke, a badboy will look right at her and not laugh at all, making her feel uncomfortable.
  • His GF lives out of town. She calls him and wants to drive into town to see him. A badboy will tell her “No” once in a while but give her no reason why, because he wants to hit the bars with his crew that night and hook up with another girl.
  • His GF drove into town anyway and went to the bar with him. A badboy would make sure she doesn’t kiss him in public and instead use her like an advertising billboard to atract other girls. He will get another girl’s number…

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The Atlantic Accepts The Heartiste Theory Of Jerkboy Charisma

Chateau Heartiste

Ah, dat jerkboy charisma. Chicks dig it. If you’ve been a regular guest of the Chateau, you’ll know why chicks dig jerks, and you’ll know why cultivating your inner jerkboy is a pillar of Game teachings.

For a long time, CH was out there, a retreat in the deep wood willing to preach the Rude Word to any lost and yearning soul stumbling along the stony path leading to the ancient oak doors. Few knew of our secretive hideaway, fewer still could grasp the revolutionary nature of our message.

But our mischievous proselytizing has finally breached the sound barrier of the mainstream information gatekeepers (and from the reaction to their first line of defense crumbling, they don’t like it). As one reader who forwarded the following article wrote,

The substance of this article will present no surprises.  The tone of the author, apologetic and disturbed by the findings, will…

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The Thirst: A Closer Analysis

Chateau Heartiste

The Thirst is a Red Pillian term for sex-starved beta and omega males who fawn, notably online, over LSMV (low sexual market value) women, artificially inflating the self-perceived price of those women.

The enfant realtalkers who decry The Thirst on grounds of making their romantic journeys more perilous consider themselves enlightened to the bitter realities of the sexual marketplace. As a working theory for how the sexes interact sociosexually, the notion of The Thirst is more right than wrong. Women are, reproductively, the more valuable sex (during their youthful primes), and this inherent, biologically grounded sex value skew translates into all sorts of organic, cognitively discordant social phenomena, such as the factual observation that the average early 20s girl receives a lot more unwarranted sexual attention than the average man receives warranted sexual attention of any age.

Upon closer inspection, though, The Thirst falls short of a truly 360º panoramic…

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The Puzzle Of Female Eye Flirting

Chateau Heartiste

One thing you’ll notice, and to which many men in similar circumstances will attest, is the puzzling decrease in eye flirting from mediocre women after you’ve experienced a personal improvement in your sexual market value stock.

It goes like this: You learn game, or acquire higher social status, or lose a lot of weight and carve out a masculine physique, and then begin to exude a presence, and carry yourself with a winner’s airs. You walk with your back straight, head held high, eyes flickering with percolating aggression and grin electrified with mischievous intent. You expect more women than ever before will be unable to avoid flirtatious eye contact with you.

But a strange thing happens. You are ignored by that undifferentiated mass of HB4s-6s passing you by on the sidewalk. Some of them even faintly scowl at you. What’s going on?, you wonder.

Just when you lose count of…

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Game Recognized: Nuking The Hamster From Orbit

Chateau Heartiste

Girls fishing for compliments is some of the stinkiest beta bait a man will encounter. Women will fish for flattery (FFF), usually by assuming a phony pose of insecurity, to assuage their egos and to filter out the betas who eagerly comply with reassurances to the contrary.

CH has discussed various tactics for dealing with coquettish self-effacing girls who try to manipulate you for ego thrills. The gist of it is studied indifference to her mewling, leavened with wry humor. In fact, female manipulation of this sort provides ample opportunity for players to exercise their game acumen. Girls will appreciate the man who metamorphoses their faux female vulnerability into a platform for teases and sexy taunts.

A great example of a man nuking the FFF hamster from orbit is this chat exchange:

“this was not about the cars”

No, it was not. It was about getting her recommended daily…

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