It’s A Trap!

Chateau Heartiste

Reader PA posed the following game-related scenario:

Here is a shit test I have no idea how to answer: when a woman makes a self-deprecating remark about her own looks. This happened to me twice in very recent past, and I just smiled and said nothing, but there probably is a better response.

Those weren’t young hotties you need to nuclear-neg, nor ugly women you kind of feel sorry for. Both were very attractive (for their age), older than me.

Not trying to game them or anything, just wanting to keep good relations (work, extended social life) and gina-tingle is how you keep good relations with women. Got a good response?

Ah, the classic passive-aggressive self-deprecation shit test. Be careful, men, this is an advanced form of female game that is subtle enough to trip up even the most battle-worn players. Answer this one wrong and you might be staring…

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The Game Concept Of Devalidation

Chateau Heartiste

The seduction process can be viewed through the lens of validation: how much you give to the girl, how often you give it to her, and how adeptly you retract it when warranted.

Validation is an important part of the social hierarchy and how each individual within a tribe receives feedback relative to their position within that tribe. One might argue that an alpha male is simply the member of the tribe that receives the most social validation.

Validation is an umbrella term for a whole bunch of game concepts, like push-pull, hot-cold, takeaways and freeze-outs. The basic premise is simple: External validation is important to women (arguably more sought after by women than by men), and a man can manipulate a woman’s desire through adjustments to the amount or intensity of ego validation he gives to or withholds from her.

VERY generally:
Alpha males…

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The Right Game For Your Body Type: The Ectomorph

Chateau Heartiste

This is the final installment of the body type-game type series, and here we will focus on ectomorphs, those men who have structurally thin, lean skeletal frames. (If you want to know how purely ectomorphic you are, just grab your wrist. Is there space left over? You’re probably an ecto.) The mesomorph game post, the second installment, is here.

This post will likely generate lots of discussion, if only because, according to the poll in the first post of the series, a plurality of readers are self-identified ectomorphs. This shouldn’t surprise anyone; ectomorphs are the intellectual somatotype, and they would be drawn to logical discussions of very serious issues in venues that minimize social chaos.

According to Sheldon, ectomorphs:

[F]ocus on privacy, restraint and a highly developed self-awareness.

The associated temperament of the ectomorph is described by Sheldon:

The Extreme Ectotonic — Reflection

The outstanding characteristic of the…

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Before And After

Chateau Heartiste

A. Before I learned game

[In bed with a woman after sex, starting to fall asleep]

Me: *yawn*
Her: Hey, I feel weird. I think I’m going to go.
Me: Huh? What do you mean “weird”?
Her: It’s not a good or bad feeling. Just… I don’t know. [She slides out of bed and patters to the den]
Me: [Calling from bed] You OK? So, like, what’s wrong?
Her: [Putting on her clothes and digging through her purse] Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just gonna go.
Me: [Hopping out of bed, putting on my boxers, and joining her in the den] “You can stay the night, you know. You want a drink or something? You don’t have to rush out.”
Her: No, really, but thanks. [She walks to the door and fumbles with the locks] See you, bye.
Me: [Standing in my boxers and watching her leave] Um, sure. All right…

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Statements That Imply Your Higher Value

Chateau Heartiste

“You’re very brave to come over to talk with me.”

“Your flirting is charming.”

“As we’re sitting here talking I can tell you seem really happy.”

“Wow! Don’t get too excited.” [Note: Not to be used sarcastically. That would be signaling lower value.]

“Hmm. Your hands are shaking.” [Doesn’t matter if they’re not shaking. Use as part of palm reading routine.]

“Hope I didn’t make you wait too long.” [Say after returning much later from talking with friends.]

“Your answers tell me that you are drawn to men who break your heart.” [Use as part of love test routine.]

“You have a… different… sense of humor/sense of style/way of looking at the world.”

“You have a quirky personality. I have a friend — he’s been single a while; I guess he’s picky — who would totally get you.”

“You’re not like most women. You seem like you want to…

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Alpha Body Language

Chateau Heartiste

In my view, and in the view of much of the seduction community, the single biggest factor of early game success is body language. Women react viscerally to a man’s strong body language before he has said one word. The way he walks toward her, the way he smiles, the way he stands. It strikes me that the reason this is so is because it is harder to fake the subtle indicators of alphaness with your body than it is with your words. Women have evolved to be perceptive of a man’s emotional state and body language is the physical manifestation of inner game, so that’s what women key in on first.

I have written some posts on how to spot beta body language and how to mimic alpha body language. One of the most important points I have made is that it is imperative you avoid jerky, reactive movements. Well, the…

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The Interview-Style Kiss Of Death

Chateau Heartiste

Reader “flies” wonders why his text game has such poor reception. Read on, and watch how quickly a girl’s sexual curiosity can turn ice cold when you sound like you’re interviewing her, (or she treats you like you’re being interviewed, and you do nothing to alter her frame).

Hello, I have a question about text game:

I’ve added recently a girl friend in Skype from my little brother’s Internet social circle (she’s living at 1h+ of driving). I was like “let’s add her, practice my text game”.

She’s a cute asian, not hesitate to make sexual innuendos. She talks to my brother a lot, but he’s in orbiter status.

After several days of her accepting my invitation, I have this text exchange, though I was out of state (I couldn’t find anything witty and stuff):

21:07 girl: Hi c:
21:25 me: hey
21:25 girl: how are you?
21:26 me: yea…

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