Agree & Amplify For More Sex, Deeper Love

Chateau Heartiste

Commenter 7darktriad3 writes about his ONE POON-HUNTING TRICK that turns around recalcitrant girls,

Not strictly redirection but I’ve found a great way of yielding high % of numbers when you get this type of response:

You: Send me your number
Her: But I hardly know you etc
You: Your right we should stay Tinder BFF and chat on here forever and ever
Her: Hehe I guess your right – ######

Essential Game Techniques 101 should be required coursework for all middle school boys.

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The Redirection Rejection

Chateau Heartiste

Have you ever had to deal with an annoying girl who answers a question with a question, like she’s trying to put her tier 14 law school degree to use? A reader laments:

Thanks so much for your blog. I’ve read it for at least 5 years, and learned a lot. Lost my virginity at 18, so not a natural, but have banged 25 chicks in the last five months in South America by learning from your blog and others’, going to a spot suited for me, and generally improving myself.

At this point, I mainly worry about specific issues that crop up over and over. One is that I’ll text a girl an invitation, and she’ll ask a follow up question about it instead of answering. I call it the redirect rejection. Examples from tonight:

A girl I hooked up with 8 years ago and have seen twice since…

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Types Of Game

Chateau Heartiste

This post is 1/8th tongue-in-cheek, so don’t get yourselves too worked up into an inference lather. Disclaimer aside, there is a solid, observable foundation for the basic premise that there exists a need for categorical types of game streamlined for efficiency in different contexts and with different women.

Don’t misconstrue this to mean that there are no universal game principles. The point is that along with the universally applicable seduction techniques, there are refinements of execution that a man could undertake to improve his return-on-courtship (ROC). On that rascally note, here’s reader Putin with a cursory list of what he considers different types of game:

Types Of Game:

1. Quick Picker Upper Game
2. Text Game
3. Recover Relationship Game
4. Marriage Game.
5. Crazy Women Game? Is there such a thing or are they all crazy?
6. Dating/relationship game

Any others……

Why are there even “types” of game?…

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The Special Occasion Texter

Chateau Heartiste

Many men will recognize the Special Occasion Texter. (To be fair, many women will recognize this stalker subspecies as well. I bet men are more frequent SOT violators than are women.) The SOT is the tease-slash-desperado who texts you out of the blue to commemorate a holiday or some other day that is ostensibly important to you.

Commenter ‘meet me’ has a question about the SOT.

What do you guys make of a girl who texts you randomly on holidays or birthday, but always delays for a strict meet? I don’t try again after suggesting, just looking for attention/orbiters?

The female SOT is a cocktease in digital form, especially if she dodges any offers for a meet-up. But she’s no ordinary attention whore tease. There are three common reasons a female SOT would behave this way.

1. Beta Orbiter Maintenance

She texts birthday messages to all the beta male orbiters…

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Relationship Game Week: Subtle Dominance Plays

Chateau Heartiste

Reader PA left a comment describing how he once held his woman’s hand “against the grain” as they walked — that is, his hand was behind her hand. He said she did not like the unnatural feel of it. In the interest of corroborating this peculiar observation, I did the same with one of my girls. I prepped her first and explained that I was going to hold her hand differently, and she was to tell me how it made her feel.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, I moved my hand behind hers, such that her hand was in front (back of her hand facing forward) while my hand, fingers intertwined, was in back (my palm facing forward into her palm).

Two point five seconds elapsed before she spoke.



“It feels weird. I don’t like it.” She dislodged her hand from mine violently, and resumed the…

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Relationship Game Week

Chateau Heartiste

Around the four month mark you’re going to start taking your girlfriend on weekend trips, unless you are a beta, in which case you will be planning romantic weekends before you’ve even kissed her. Romantic (read: nonstop bedroom pounding) getaways include bed and breakfasts in the mountains, oceanview hotels or beach house rentals, horseback riding, ski chalets, quaint cottages in Tuscany (if you’ve got discretionary cash and you like her so much that you don’t mind wasting a trip to Italy on her instead of pursuing the local Italian women), and camping if she’s the outdoorsy type.

After your first romantic weekend, give her at least two days space once you’ve returned home. That means don’t call her. The reason for this has to do with a fundamental difference between men and women in how we perceive romantic gestures. To men, a romantic weekend away is an opportunity to share uninterrupted pleasure…

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How To Handle Girls Making Sexual Taunts

Chateau Heartiste

Commenter walawala, emboldened by his coolasfuck game victory, drops another pitch-perfect, two-word rub against the female rationalization hamster grain.

A girl I’m banging regularly recently had her birthday. I sent her a photo I’d taken of her smoking…and looking ridiculous

Her: Please don’t masturbate to that

Me: Try harder

Volley returned deep to the corner, with a little bit of english.

The sexual taunt is a staple of sassy ingenues. It’s a power move to regain courtship hand. (In this day and age, sex usually precedes courtship, like putting the tart before the borscht.) Women instinctively know all their power, and hence their ability to satisfy their needs, resides in their sexuality. Some women know this so well that they use their sex as a weapon or a diagnostic, to procure good feels or to test for stress fractures in their sexual dominance.

It pleases a woman very much…

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