The Difference Between Game And The Red Pill

Chateau Heartiste

Rivelino explains,

GAME is all the techniques and strategies to get better with women, including negging, cold reading, push pull, frame control, but also self improvement topics like working out, better posture, career development. the RED PILL, in contrast, is the deeper understanding that women are not sugar and spice and everything nice, that they in fact have a strong need to be sexually overwhelmed and dominated, that they are fundamentally emotional and childlike, that their concept of truth is not the same as that of men, and that their core nature is not to be loyal. the red pill teaches men to love and appreciate women as they are, not as we want them to be.

That’s about as clear and succinct a definition of the two value systems as I’ve read anywhere.

There is, of course, plenty of overlap between Game and Red Pill. It has to…

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Balancing Comfort With Unease

Chateau Heartiste

Lurking_Gorilla asks,

I have a game question. Where is the balance between her being nervous around you versus her being comfortable around you (to open up sexually)?

CH Maxim #44: “Women can’t feel impassioned without also feeling a little unease.”

No doubt. It’s better she feels a little nervous around you, and afraid to say the wrong thing, than to have the kind of lazy comfort you see in long-term couples.

But what’s the right mindset for keeping her in that state of butterflies and excited nervousness (different from the infamous “dread”) long term, while also getting her comfortable and feeling a connection to you? Comfort is especially important when going for the bang. But beyond that, too much comfort is a passion killer.

A smart game question. The comfort phase of pickup gets short shrift compared to the attraction stage, but the reality for most men is that if…

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How To Prevent A False Rape Accusation

Chateau Heartiste

Max from Australia writes,

“what’s the best strategy to prevent a FRA when leaving her place”

Borrow $10 from her in the morning – she will text you later that day asking for it back faster than the debt collectors at Mastercard….keep that text and give her back the $10 in a public place with CCTV..

Yes, saving text messages has proven to be an effective means of protection against malign women on the false rape make.

”or start prattling like a beta to make her want him to just go away and completely out of her life?”

Stage a fake Asthma attack and ask her to drive you to the’ll never hear from her again.

Heh. As fun as this sounds, it’s also a lot of work just to prevent a low-risk FRA blindside. A cheaper — in terms of time and energy spent — alternative is to…

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The Danger of Idleness To Women

Chateau Heartiste

Commenter backchecking makes a perceptive observation about the condition of idleness and how it affects men and women differently.


You can destroy an engine by revving it without a load. Strange, but true, an engine can rev to 5,000 rpm under load and survive… 5,000 rpm without a load — it falls apart.

Which largely describes the female mind. Millennia of evolution have crafted a brain that can’t not be tasked.

Quite literally, idleness has been bred out. Slothful mothers don’t have offspring — or — if they do — that generation will be childless. (This category also includes mothers so neurotic that they ‘medicate’ themselves into passivity — booze, drugs, or both.)

(I’ve seen PLENTY of the latter.)


The male is totally different critter. ‘Idleness’ for a man is often his most productive time.

The extreme examples:

Einstein famously slept (12-15 hours/day) and strolled (interminable bucolic walks)…

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How To Spot A Charming Loverboy

Chateau Heartiste

You know, all these warnings by women about players and their charming ways wouldn’t be necessary if women weren’t instinctively falling for their charms. Think about it. You won’t read too many articles warning women away from boring beta males. Women manage to Heisman those guys all on their own without directives from Cosmo.

Vox notifies,

Take a bow, Heartiste. Once more, science underlines Game:

The article is titled ‘How to Spot a Manipulator’, but it may as well be a truncated game guide for men.

One study tried to determine which personality traits pickup artists, men and women*, share.

The article begins by explaining,

In some ways, pickup artists use traditional tactics that fall into the category of persuasion. Whether it’s yourself or a product you’re trying to sell, you rely on methods of persuasion any time you attempt to influence someone else’s attitudes. You’re hoping that…

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The Fundamental Premise

Chateau Heartiste

Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap. Every psychological dynamic you see playing out in mass societies liberated from artificial constraints on the sexual market flows from this premise. This means, as a systemic matter, women are coddled, men are upbraided. Women are victims, men are victimizers. Women need a leg up, men need to man up. Women have advocacy groups, men have equal opportunity violations. A woman subjected to the indignity of eavesdropping on a tame joke about dongles makes national news, while the chilling fact that 95% of all workplace deaths are suffered by men barely pings the media consciousness.

It is what it is, and it will never change so long as humans are a sexually reproducing species. All the laws in the world can at best only paper over the very primal compulsion of people to value the life of the average woman more than the life…

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What’s Old Is New Again

Chateau Heartiste

Charlesz Martel comments,

Essentially, the common ideas about race up to about the mid-1950’s are all turning out to be true- I.Q., creativity, aggression, conformity, sexual differences and desire of non-whites for white females, etc. The next 20-30 years will be the history of our race and culture relearning all that was once commonly accepted as obvious truth and discarded, and figuring out what to do with the mess that denial of these truths has created in the white western world.

I will essentially spend the rest of my life saying to anyone who will listen that ”I told you so!!!”

Don’t abide opinions that your grandmother would scoff at.

One of the reasons why CH resonates so forcefully with readers is because our field observations and keen eye corroborate what was accepted wisdom in our forefathers’ time. These mystic chords of memory are not so easily silenced by Hivemind…

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