Tinder Game

Chateau Heartiste

Fresh off the forum.swole reservation, here are some screen captures of Tinder chats that brilliantly demonstrate aloof alpha attitude, push/pull, and disqualification game.

(For those of you in the blessed dark, Tinder is a hook-up application that works by tracking girls near you and giving you the chance to “like” them. If a girl matches your like, Tinder will automatically start a conversation between the two of you.)

The man behind these chats is a self-professed “average” looking dude.

Note the evasive framing. “Next time I visit my friends”. She’s an afterthought to him, and she loves it.

“fun sized”. 😆 He qualified her, and now she’s in the psychological space of the chaser, rather than the chasee. Girls love to chase, because the experience is so foreign to them. (And because they perceive a man they are chasing to be an alpha male. If he wasn’t alpha, they…

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Optimizing Your Womanizing: Weightlifting

Chateau Heartiste

In the first installment of “Optimizing Your Womanizing”, we discussed the value of targeting a field of play that has a favorable sex ratio.

In this post, we’ll talk about the value of physique to augmenting your game.

A man’s physique is less crucial to his romantic fortunes than a woman’s physique is to her’s. This discrepancy is a natural outcome of the biological differences between the sexes. A woman’s mate value is connected predominately to her window of prime fertility, and by proxy to those physical cues — a pretty face, a slim hourglass figure — that alert men to her capacity to gestate the next generation.

Men’s mate value, in contrast, is determined by a number of factors, physical fitness being but one of them, and not even the most important one (at least for 29 days out of the month). And we see this playing out in…

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The Perfect Alpha Male Online Dating Profile

Chateau Heartiste

A reader, somewhat drunk on his own amusement, passes along the Facebook page of the thoroughbred that sired the Kentucky Derby winner.

This is the father of the Derby winner. This is what your Facebook page should look like!


In 2013

  • LEADING SIRE by North American earnings; 1st by N.A. stakes wins
  • Sire of America’s LEADING 3-year-old, Kentucky Derby winner ORB ($2,335,850)
  • 2013 2YOs in Training are averaging $264,667:Sale Topper at Barretts March – $675,000 colt;$625,000 filly and $550,000 colt at FT March; $485,000 and $370,000 OBS March colts
  • 5 SWs, 10 stakes wins: KY Derby (G1)/Florida Derby (G1) winner ORB; Peter Pan (G2) winner FREEDOM CHILD; Multiple GSW KAUAI KATIE ($633,000); La Canada (G2) winner/Santa Margarita (G1)-runner-up MORE CHOCOLATE; multiple 2013 SW MOON PHILLY
  • Co-#1 Sire of Experimental horses (6)
  • Best books yet coming of age:
    • 139 registered 2YOs of 2013
    • 146 foals of 2012

So far so good. Let’s have a look…

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A Quick And Dirty All-Purpose Opener

Chateau Heartiste

“Does your boyfriend know you’re flirting with me? Let’s try to tone it down, k?”

LEAVE. Come back to her later.

“There you go again.”


Why this opener is so versatile:

  1. It is a cheap way to immediately suss out if she has a boyfriend without wasting precious minutes gaming her.
  2. It functions like a neg by disqualifying yourself, and it compels her to defend herself from your charge of blatantly flirting with you. Putting a girl on the defensive is critical to establishing your dominance over her, which naturally she will love.
  3. Leaving soon after delivering the opener is important. It adds gravitas to what you have said, and will make her wonder if she really was flirting with you. Leaving moves you from “fun guy” category to jerk category, which is a pussy promotion equivalent to moving up from a beta to a brooding rebel. Absence makes the…

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Eye Gaze Experiments Demonstrate Holistic Female Attraction Triggers

Chateau Heartiste

A slew of eye-tracking heatmaps reveal some very interesting sex differences in subconscious desire, (as well as revealing optimum product positioning, which come to think of it is related to the former).

In the above map we see that men’s gazes focused on the woman’s face and body (and less so on the surrounding details). Women were more interested in the photo’s context, but they didn’t gaze any less at the model’s face and body. (It even looks like women spent *more* time checking out their competition.) Conclusion: Women objectify women as much as men do.

Similar results here. Women aren’t blind to other women’s beauty. Or their shoes. (Men, as per cultural stereotype, don’t give a shit about a hot babe’s choice of footwear.)

Here are two online dating profiles. The left profile is female, the right male. Eye tracking shows that men and women viewers gaze for a…

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How Much Can Game Do?

Chateau Heartiste

Many detractors and doubters of the crimson arts, including but not limited to a rather peculiar yet endearingly patriotic and bracingly truthful subculture of HBD quant geeks, have tried to find and exploit fissures in the foundation of the Chateau by accusing yours in Christ of inflating the good that can be gained from game. They claim I overlook some very basic HBD (human biodiversity)-approved limitations imposed on men by immutable biological factors outside the reach of self-improvement efforts.

Oh, really?

What do they think I’m running here? An archipelago of pretty lies? It’s time to set the record straight about what exactly game can accomplish for the man who wants more choice in women. And what better way to do so than through the use of a handy chart?

If you are:                      then tight game will bring you this:
an omega dreg              an improvement from involuntary lifelong…

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Overconfidence Is The Heart Of Game: ❤Science❤ Edition

Chateau Heartiste

Yer ‘ginal aerator has not sifted through virgin forests of montes pubis without noticing a thing or two about the rhythmic ecological tickings of women. One of those tickings is the unmistakable sound of the cogwheel shift that occurs in women who have the good fortune to fall under the admiring gaze of an overconfident man.

“Over-” being the key prefix here.

As always, social science plays catch-up to the keen Heartiste eye.

study from 2012 concluded that even when overconfidence produces subpar results, its charm still wins the day. We might expect someone with more confidence than ability to underperform when pressed. The study tested that expectation and found it more or less accurate – but also found that it really doesn’t matter. Overconfidence may not shine when objectively tested, but it has a knack for seducing people to such a degree that they ignore the results…

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