Jerkboy Chat Game

Chateau Heartiste

CH gets a lot of phone screenshots from readers eager to impress with their chat acumen (chatumen?) or seeking answers to some or other befuddling parry from a girl. This recent entry is a good one and worth sharing.

There are multiple game principles in play here. See how many you can identify. (The girl’s replies are in white background. These are three different girls btw.)


“Don’t worry, you will” is a classic jerkboy charm offensive. Memorize it. Notice too how the reader agree and amplifies when she teases him about being bffs. And then there’s the massively arousing neg at the end — the supreme disqualification — when he says he might replace her.


Sexual intention signaled.

“Number” is the new “gay”.


“Get to the point” game.


Chicks dig bossy men. Feminists, as per usual, wept bitterly.

Great jerkboy charisma game on display in these chats. Well done, reader…

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What Advice Would CH Have Given To A Younger Elliot Rodger?

Chateau Heartiste

Some readers have asked, if I had a younger teenaged Elliot Rodger cornered at one of his dad’s Hollyweird parties, what would I have told him, assuming I could sense that the boy was troubled by his perceived failure with girls and suffering great loneliness?

The thought has crossed my mind. Here’s what I would say (give or take):

Women are different than men. Much different. Forget everything you know. You must understand this first.
You must be willing to listen and improve yourself or I’m wasting my time here.
Accept that women are different, and like different things in men than you like in them. That means stop worrying about your looks so much. They aren’t that important.
Don’t act needy. This is the most important lesson. Girls hate male neediness. Girls love men who seem like they get a lot of women and don’t chase after them. Fake…

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The Transmissibility Of Confidence

Chateau Heartiste

Is confidence an outcome of validating external factors, or is it an internal mindset that creates its own validation?

The feedback loops of male confidence are copious and fluid, so the question is the wrong one. External validation and internal beliefs synchronize to lift or deflate a man’s perception of self-worth. But it’s the nature of constitutional pessimists and unimaginative nerds to overrate objectively measurable variables that contribute to a man’s mate value and undervalue the invisible psychology that imbues a man with serious muff-massacring mojo. If you’re looking for proof of concept, I have a simple real life test.

How many naturals (with women) do you know, and have known for years, who physically or economically deteriorated with age? Most of us know one or two guys like that… high school romeos who packed a gut and a dead-end job by their late 20s. The guys I know like…

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Why Do Women Flirt More When They’re With Someone?

Chateau Heartiste

Commenter having a bad day writes,

one of the better things that i did to get confidence was to recognize the MANY IOIs that women are putting out all the time. women, especially young fertile (hot) women, ping their environment ALL the time. learn to recognize and encourage these, and it will build your confidence…you can also learn to spot these when they are thrown at other males in the environment…

note – it will also make you sort of depressed if you still hold any illusions regarding the nature of women. most of the ‘ping backs’ you will get are from women in ‘relationships’ (married or otherwise) with betas…sometimes (a lot actually) right in front of the guy’s nose…

This is true. The most obvious flirtations are often from women who are taken, and sometimes with their man present and accounted for! It’s less common to get aggressive flirts…

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The Look Of Confidence

Chateau Heartiste

Here is a photo taken in August 1939.

I found it on this excellent site which showcases very old photographs. The description of the photo reads: “Unemployed lumber worker goes with his wife to the bean harvest. Note Social Security number tattooed on his arm.”

Despite this man’s pauper clothes (there was little peacocking during the Great Depression), his jobless status, his search for employment or food at a bean harvest, and his home made out of canvas, he wears the confident smirk and mischievous gaze of an alpha male. What does he have to be happy about? Oh, his attractive wife. And by 1939 standards she is a real hottie.

Shouldn’t he feel ashamed to be dragging her to a bean harvest? Most modern men couldn’t imagine taking their wives or girlfriends on a bean harvest date. It would be a massive DLV. Not only that, but he’s obviously proud of…

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Hugging Is Beta

Chateau Heartiste

The subject of hugs as a social lubricant surfaced recently in the comments. Before continuing, I’ll say that hugs as a tactile ploy to quickly escalate physical comfort with a girl is an entirely different matter than hugs as they are used by girls when meeting friends or even loosely affiliated acquaintances. The former is an established game technique; the latter is, well… emasculating.

Gadfly Amy writes,

This is an interesting observation. I hug people all the time, and you are right, the “alpha” guys don’t really hug back. They don’t freeze up and act uncomfortable or nervous… they just don’t physically react. They make me do the work.

Hugging is all the rage in SWPL-land. And it’s something I could do without. But some social forces are so deeply ingrained that even the mighty iconoclast you know and luv, Highlander Heartiste, must bend to the will of the…

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The Top Three Qualities That Make A Girl Good Girlfriend Material

Chateau Heartiste

There are many “tells” women have that, unbeknownst to them, signal to the men they are dating their worthiness as long-term investments. The tell number could very well be in the thousands, and, yes ladies, we men are attuned to all of them, in greater or lesser perspicacity, and with conscious awareness or, more often and more insidiously, with subconscious awareness.

But there’s value in narrowing the list to the top three tells, and clarifying them for the less experienced men (betas) so that they are armed with the foreknowledge to actively avoid those women who would make bad girlfriends or wives. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cuckoldry.

So here they are: The top three girlfriend material qualities, in no particular order.

1. She exercised and ate healthily before she met you, and she continues to do so after you start dating her seriously.

Marriage counselors…

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